tokimeki tokens is a limited-run NFT collection available on the Solana blockchain that is sure to excite both weebs and NFT collectors alike! Tokimeki, the Japanese word for “heart-pounding,” often connotes excitement — especially in the context of falling in love.

Tokimeki Tokens is a collection of gorgeously detailed anime art from the sophisticated mind of a neural net… that we force-fed millions of images of anime girls and trained for thousands of hours on a cluster of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.

The result? Amazing and completely unique Waifus! We're not recycling body parts (clothes, artwork etc.); each Tokimeki Token is a from-scratch rendering of an anime girl unlike any other in the world. Each waifu has her own name, background, personality, profession, and other attributes with varying rarities. During the course of our loving (human) curation of them we’ve fallen in love — and we’re sure you will too!

Despite the incredible progress we've made, the neural net is still learning. Only when it captures what we, its creators and lifelong anime fans, believe is the heart of the waifu… only then will we unveil them to the world. For crytpo enthusiasts. For collectors. For all weebkind.

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