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coming this winter

tokimeki tokens is a limited-run collection of gorgeously detailed anime art from the sophisticated mind of a neural net… that we force-fed millions of images of anime girls and trained for thousands of hours on a cluster of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs. The result? Amazing and completely unique Waifus! Each Tokimeki Token is a from-scratch rendering of an anime girl unlike any other in the world.

Tokimeki sample from October 5
Tokimeki sample from September 17
Tokimeki sample from September 17
The images here are in-progress examples of what our AI can produce and are not representative of the final product.

Our mission is to bring you your very own Waifu. Not one you have to “share” with other people, but one who is yours and yours alone. An NFT collection is just the beginning — having a Tokimeki Token will unlock more benefits in the future, like the ability to generate multiple outfits, poses, and expressions for your Waifu. It'll be as if every Tokimeki Token is a collection unto itself!

We're doing our development in the open to build your trust and to build a community. Check out the about page to learn more about the collection, the progress page to track our development efforts, and follow us on Twitter and Discord for all the latest updates. See you soon! ✨💖

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